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Can CRA Force Me Into Filing Bankruptcy For Not Filing and/or Unpaid Taxes?

Taxes owing and unfiled tax returns are a serious issue in Canada. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has always taken a tough approach to individuals or businesses who are in arrears, either through unpaid taxes or having not filed returns. Filing tax returns is a statutory duty under the Income Tax Act (ITA) in Canada. Failure to do so can land you in trouble with CRA.

Can I Settle My taxes Owing to CRA in a Consolidation?

Absolutely you can. About 58,000 people did just that in 2015 in Canada. Income tax arrears are eligible to settle with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a consolidation solution (along with all other unsecured debts such as credit cards and lines of credit) in the form of a proposal. CRA are not only just a likely to reduce the principle (and ALL of the interest) as other creditors, but in most cases they are even MORE likely to participate, since this acts as a form of collection for them in their overworked portfolio.