Talk to a Licensed Debt Pro.

Cooper & Co. Ltd. is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm. We’ve been in the Trustee/legal debt relief business for over 30 years and have helped over 15,000 clients put their debts behind them & rebuild their financial lives. At Cooper & Co. Ltd. you will always meet with a Bankruptcy Trustee, along with a team of certified credit counselors to see you through our debt solution programs.

Got Debt?

What if we told you that you could:

  • File a legal settlement with all creditors
  • Pay no interest
  • Get creditors to reduce total balance up to 80%
  • Keep your house & assets
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Ask a bankruptcy trustee
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Our Services

Licensed. Legal. Legit.


Credit Card Debt

Is credit card interest killing you? Spinning your wheels? Let us reduce your balances and stop interest so you can clear that debt.


Consolidate Debt

Let Cooper & Co. negotiate a single monthly payment for all your debts with 0% interest.


Taxes Owing/CRA Debt

Owe income tax? Or HST or payroll tax for your company? We’ll negotiate a fair settlement for you with 0% interest and no penalties.


Stop Collectors

Collectors calling day & night? Cooper & Co. Ltd. are licensed to make them legally cease calling you.


Stop Wage Garnishees

Having wages garnished by creditors or CRA? Let us lift the garnishee & get your paycheque back to full strength.


Student Loan Relief

Getting nowhere with your student loan? Make a settlement for cents on the dollar through Cooper & Co. Ltd.


Stop Lawsuits

Has a court action been filed against you or threatened? Cooper & Co. Ltd. have legal authority to stop lawsuits.


Payday Loans

Are you in the Payday loan spin cycle? Let us help get you out.

High Tax Debt Settlement

Are you a professional who’s in deep tax arrears with CRA? We can arrange a legal settlement that fits your cash-flow. Discrete. Confidential.

Small Business Debt Restructuring

Own a small business with some debt? Need breathing room? A restructuring program can help. Free yourself to grow your business. Ask us how.

Business Debt Advisory

Need advice on how to structure your business debt? Learn the advantages. Avoid the pitfalls. Ask us.

Using your house as an ATM?

New mortgage rules mean you may not have easy access to remaining equity in your home at low rates anymore to help pay down debt. Keep your house & pay your debts. Ask us how.

Debt Settlement Options

See the difference

Let’s say you have $30,000 in unsecured debt. Here are some things you can do:

Minimum Payments

Continue to make minimum payments at 18-25%, pay around $1050 monthly, and pay back a total of around $52,000

Consolidation Loan

Get a consolidation loan at 12%, pay around $800 monthly, and pay back a total of around $44,000

Informal Settlement

Get an informal settlement via a credit counsellor at 7-15%, pay around $500 monthly, and pay back a total of around $39,000


Consumer Proposal

Submit a consumer proposal through a bankruptcy trustee at 0%, pay anywhere from $200-$350 monthly (on average), and pay back a total of around $9,000

Use our handy debt settlement calculator to see how your options stack up

Our Videos

Our informational video series

Making Our Seniors Matter


Cooper & Co. Ltd. Bankruptcy Trustee are proud to be a member of Making Our Seniors Matter (MOSM). We have been involved from the inception.The link below is to Cooper & Co. Ltd.’s Member location on MOSM’s website:

Cooper & Company Ltd. on Making Our Seniors Matter

This group was founded by Glenn & Liz Cunningham with the express purpose of having a team of professionals from various industries available to seniors in need. Many seniors are subject to abuse or scams, and this trusted referral network is a positive alternative for them.


What some of our satisfied clients are saying

I’d first heard of Cooper & Co. a full five years before I contacted them. I’d gotten myself into debt, and I was going get myself out. I threw every stray nickel I had at it and by the end of those five years… I was exactly where I’d started. Broke. Depressed. Frustrated.

Calling Cooper & Co. was not easy for me. Actually showing up? Adding up my debt in front of a total stranger? Even harder! However, when I sat down with Scott, I realized I was the only person there judging me. There were no lectures; just calm statement of fact and a rational discussion on how to proceed. Scott kept the atmosphere light & respectful and I left Cooper & Co. that first day feeling 10ft tall.

After the proposal was set, every payment felt like an accomplishment. When it was paid off in full, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Obviously, a consumer proposal isn’t a cure-all. I still have some bad spending habits to work on. Personal growth isn’t just handed to you, but it does come easier when you’re freed of your burdens and able to focus. Not only that, but knowing how easy it can be to fall into debt makes it easier to avoid the same mistakes later.

The gratitude I feel to Cooper & Co. is immense. I would (and do) recommend them highly. Just do yourself a favor: don’t wait five years.

— David

Business Partners

Some of the brands, businesses, and people we are proud to work with

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