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Holiday Debt Recovery & Elimination

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Did you overdo it this past Christmas? Couldn’t resist, eh? Didn’t stick to that deal you made with your family where all of you agreed to do a scaled-down, simple, old-fashioned Yuletide? There were just too many Star Wars things!

You’re not alone.

How Will my Credit Rating be Affected by Filing a Bankruptcy or a Proposal (‘Consolidation’)?

A common question Licensed Insolvency Trustees field is “How is my credit rating affected if I file a bankruptcy or a proposal?” Generally by ‘debt consolidation’ they are referring to a Consumer Proposal, which is a form of that. But let’s deal with bankruptcy first.

Can CRA Force Me Into Filing Bankruptcy For Not Filing and/or Unpaid Taxes?

Taxes owing and unfiled tax returns are a serious issue in Canada. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has always taken a tough approach to individuals or businesses who are in arrears, either through unpaid taxes or having not filed returns. Filing tax returns is a statutory duty under the Income Tax Act (ITA) in Canada. Failure to do so can land you in trouble with CRA.